Month: November 2022

Psychologist’s office as a business

The office of a private psychologist can become a source of stable income, especially if you yourself conduct psychological practice and are well familiar with the specifics of this activity. The services of specialists who can help in solving personal problems are in demand and bring high income.

Pros and cons of business

Modern people often suffer from emotional overload and stress, many are prone to depression. The accelerated rhythm of life leaves an imprint on the human psyche. There are often […]

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How much does a private psychologist earn

To open a cabinet from scratch, you may need 200 000- 250 000 rubles.

Calculator and Money

Main items of expenditure:

activity registration — 10,000;

rent — 30,000;

cosmetic repairs — 40,000;

furniture, computer — 140,000;

advertising — 20,000;

the reserve fund is 10,000.

How much you can earn with these investments depends on a number of factors:

pricing policy in the region for such services;

qualifications and areas of activity of a psychologist;


The average check for one consultation outside Moscow varies in the range of 1500 — 2500 rubles. The […]

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We analyze the demand and offers of competitors

Before starting to open a psychological center, you need to study the demand for the service in a particular region. Evaluate the number of active psychologists, their range of services and pricing policy, reviews

Next, a portrait of a potential client is determined — advertising promotion is directed to this audience. For example, if we are talking about a child psychologist, then the target audience is parents of children and adolescents. If a psychologist specializes in solving problems in the family, […]

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One of the world’s largest mining companies has warned of possible bankruptcy

One of the world’s largest bitcoin miners has warned of possible bankruptcy. Core Scientific does not exclude that by the end of the year it may be left without money and has already limited payments. On the news, the company’s shares on Nasdaq collapsed to almost zero.

Core Scientific told about the problems in the report. The company clarified that it could be left without means of livelihood by the end of this year or earlier, and also warned about the […]

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