How much does a private psychologist earn

To open a cabinet from scratch, you may need 200 000- 250 000 rubles.

Calculator and Money

Main items of expenditure:

activity registration — 10,000;

rent — 30,000;

cosmetic repairs — 40,000;

furniture, computer — 140,000;

advertising — 20,000;

the reserve fund is 10,000.

How much you can earn with these investments depends on a number of factors:

pricing policy in the region for such services;

qualifications and areas of activity of a psychologist;


The average check for one consultation outside Moscow varies in the range of 1500 — 2500 rubles. The average number of visits to solve a client’s problem is 5-10 sessions.

A sought-after specialist receives 4-5 people a day. With the specified workload, revenue will amount to 200-220 thousand rubles per month.

How to open a private psychological assistance center

Step-by-step algorithm of actions:

analytics — at this stage, the level of competition, the demand for services, and the target audience are determined;

business registration — choose the legal status, collect permits. If necessary, they issue a license;

financial plan. They make an estimate of expenses — it helps to assess the financial capabilities of the entrepreneur.

Forecast profit and planned profitability — these indicators determine the feasibility of investing in the project and its prospects for the future;

they are looking for and renting a suitable room, making current repairs and equipping offices, buying furniture, office equipment, consumables;

hire staff;

conduct an advertising campaign;

they are thinking over the events for the opening of the institution;

assess risks — identify factors that negatively affect business development, find ways to minimize them.