We analyze the demand and offers of competitors

Before starting to open a psychological center, you need to study the demand for the service in a particular region. Evaluate the number of active psychologists, their range of services and pricing policy, reviews

Next, a portrait of a potential client is determined — advertising promotion is directed to this audience. For example, if we are talking about a child psychologist, then the target audience is parents of children and adolescents. If a psychologist specializes in solving problems in the family, his services are relevant for women from 20 to 55 years old. Keep in mind that women turn to such specialists much more often than men.

A useful area of 25 square meters is enough to accommodate a pair of offices. If you want to open a multifunctional psychological assistance center, you need at least 150 squares for a full-fledged zoning.

Rent of a psychologist’s office space

It can be an office in a business center, a detached building or the first floor of a residential building with a separate entrance.

When choosing a location, take into account the nuances:


availability of educational institutions in the immediate vicinity;

parking space;

visibility from the roadway.

The requirements for the room are standard. It is mandatory to have all communications and sound insulation.

What permits are needed

If you are talking about the provision of psychological services, you do not need to issue a license. But the current legislation provides for licensing of psychotherapeutic activities.

Consolation documents

Business registration options are available:

Sole proprietor — suitable for those entrepreneurs who have decided to limit themselves to a private office. This is a small business with a guaranteed profit. Advantages of sole proprietors — minimum permits, simple reporting, loyal taxes;

LLC — will be an ideal solution for those who are focused on the future and want to employ several psychologists. Advantages of the status: the ability to work with legal entities and attract investors, participation in government programs of preferential subsidies.

List of documents for registration of sole proprietors:

passport and TIN;

receipt of the transfer of the duty fee;

application to the Federal Tax Service.

For an LLC, they additionally provide the charter of the organization, information about the legal address and the minutes of the general meeting on the establishment of the LLC.

Submit an application for choosing a taxation scheme — for example, the USN at a rate of 6% of the center’s income. In the application, specify the OKVED activity code: 96-09.